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Company Profile

Towsonbattery was established in 2003. With 20 years of focus and innovation, we have become a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of batteries and solar power generation systems.

Our products include energy storage batteries, power batteries, lead-acid batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries and various customized lithium battery packs, as well as household energy storage systems and portable energy storage systems, which are widely used in Civil, industrial, power, energy storage, UPS power supply, 5G communication and other fields.

Our factory has a series of high-end testing equipment such as battery test cabinets, battery charge and discharge detectors, high-precision battery test systems, and is mainly responsible for pilot production of new product development and Product safety mass production process.

Towsonbattery has a professional and experienced team of technical experts and first-class product designers. We have made great achievements in energy development, and our products are exported to Europe, North America, South America and Africa.

We strictly implement the ISO 9001:2008 quality system and IS014001 environmental management system. With strong capital, strong productivity, advanced technology, and professional after-sales service, we will insist on continuous innovation, rapid development, and create a world-renowned brand.

Towsonbattery Offers
A Wide Range of Certified
Lithium-ion Batteries

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We Build High-Performance Partnerships

We work with industries across the globe to build custom energy solutions. We not only produce standard lithium-ion batteries, but also can customize non-standard lithium-ion batteries (low-temperature lithium batteries, explosion-proof lithium batteries, high-temperature lithium batteries, lithium titanate batteries, special equipment batteries). We are ready to provide energy for your vision.

  • Free cancellation for up to 24 hours
  • Quick response online service within 24 hours
  • Provide a complete range of certified products that satisfy customers

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Towsonbattery lithium ion battery suppliers concentrates on lithium-ion batteries, supplying one-stop lithium battery products and customised services from battery, BMS, and structural design. While increasing the lithium ion battery products, as top lithium battery companies lithium battery aindustry experience enables us to supply in-depth material sourcing, financing and offer chain expertise for each step.


We simply choose the industry benchmark CATL, EVE cells, 15 QC inspection process, 80% DOD, 12V lithium battery & 48 battery can achieve 6000 cycles.


There exists a professional lithium ion battery power team to help you, 60-person R&D team, that have 16 years Experience of lithium battery industry. 48 patented technologies.

Towsonbattery lithium battery factory Supplying OEM & ODM Lithium battery Service From Your Clients Through Ongoing & Innovation.

For those who have any queries concerning the lithium ion Battery power don’t hesitate to make contact with Us. We of trained battery experts will respond timely to any kind of queries you’ve.


For that lithium ion battery sample, within 7-ten days, and also the bulk production within 15-45 days.Some products, e.g. 12v 100ah we’ve enough stock for RTS(Prepared to Ship)

After Sale Service

Return obtainable in ten days in situation of quality publication of the lithium ion battery. ten years warranty. Sales technique for the lithium ion battery open to help our clients to market better.

Robert Adelson

Betsy Goldberg


“Appears it just does what we bought it for. Because of this transportation late 1 weeks later on, however no problem at all. Really best packaging. Great Service.Hope lithium battery lasts all the 5 years of warranty.”

Natasha Azar

Nick Guy

Eco Systems Founder

“Top quality lithium battery, specifically the package was boosted massively to aid to stay clear of any damages. battery top quality is good, capacity test confirmed , Is a trustworthy lithium battery manufacturer”

Mitra Miri

Rachel Mosely

Energia Systems Founder

“Towsonbattery always offers terrific 12v 100ah lifepo4 batteries and also offers fantastic prices. Delivering to us is additionally extremely fast! Terrific customer support and also educated actions to our questions.”

Robert AdelsonAshley Foster
Natasha AzarAshley Foster
Mitra MiriAshley Foster

Like a professional China lithium battery companies, Towsonbattery Adopt AAA Lithium ion battery cells design and production, provides upstream suppliers consultant for the lithium ion battery power solutions. Safety lithium battery power expensive-effective, as much as 10% – 25% financial savings.

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Frequently asked questions about BUYING LITHIUM BATTERIES

Most Typical Applications for Lithium Battery

Lithium battery is broadly utilized in many industries, varying from powering the vehicles, scooters, bicycles to energy storage home based use, commercial use and outside power, etc. In most cases, lithium ion battery manufacturers make 2 types of lithium batteries: ternary lithium battery is used for powering to maneuver due to its high energy density and discharge rate, while LFP lithium battery is much more well-liked by energy storage because of its stable chemistry components and longer cycles. Probably the most popular use of lithium battery cover EV, RV, golf buggy, forklift, camping power, kayak, scooter, solar energy system, home Energy storage system, UPS Data center, telecom also it backup, Industrial Equipment, etc.

What Factores in the Event You Consider When Purchasing Lithium Ion Battery?

Professionals from lithium ion battery manufacturers counsel you you need to supply the following information when purchasing lithium batteries. you have to supply the following information:
Rated voltage(V)
Operating voltage range(V)
Charging current (A)(Rated current/ Maximum continuous current/Peak current)
Discharge current (A)(Rated current/Maximum continuous current/Peak current)
whether it must be in series or parallel, therefore, the number of in series or parallel.
Our lithium ion battery factory engineers will recommend probably the most appropriate and price-effective lithium ion battery power.

What Certifications are Needed for Lithium Batteries?

Generally used certifications for lithium batteries are dedicated for transportation and certification of product quality. Very few lithium ion battery manufacturers will make an application for individuals certifications due to the expensive. Fortunately we’ve got some of these and later on we’ll apply these for the worldwide market. The certifications according to below:

Transportation unique qualification: generally MSDS, UN38.3, report for ocean in addition to air transportation of products

MSDS is really a chemical security and safety technical spec, personal files employed by chemical producers and importers to explain the physical in addition to chemical residential qualities of chemicals along with the possible harm to the healthiness of users.

The UN38.3 is particularly produced through the Un for that transport of lithium battery by ocean or by air.

Identification and classification report for ocean and air transport of products: It’s a report that should be provided when batteries and merchandise with batteries are transported by air or by ocean.

Product quality certification: Different countries have different product quality certifications. Generally are:

European Union: CE, ROHS
North America: FCC, UL
India: BIS certification

How to Ship the Lithium Ion Batteries?

For purchases from China lithium ion battery factory, We’ve three shipment method to ship the goods,

Option 1: SEA WAY, we are able to ship the lithium battery to each country via ocean way. So We have UN38.3 & MSDS certification. Here’s the number here we are at the shipment date.

USA: 30-40 days
Europe: 30-40 days.
Australia: 35-45 days.

Option 2: AIR WAY, If the single parcel less than 68KG, that we can use the air way.

USA: 12-15 days
Europe: 12-15 days.
Australia:15-18 days.

Opyion 3: TRAIN WAY, We can ship out the lithium battery to Europe via Train way.

USA: 30-40 days
Europe: 30-40 days.
Australia: 35-45 days.

Our lithium ion battery suppliers have passed UN38.3 & MSDS & Dangerous packing certificate.



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